ISSCA Hosting Two Upcoming Stem Cells Courses in Miami

The courses will target physicians based in the Americas, providing them with critical stem cells education and tools needed to implement protocols in their own practices

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a multi-disciplinary community of scientists and physicians collaborating to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through science, technology, and regenerative medicine, is hosting two upcoming courses in Miami. The courses will inform physicians on a range of topics about the latest stem cells protocols and how they can be incorporated into physicians’ own practices.

In continuing its commitment to help alleviate human suffering through expanding physician access to today’s cutting-edge stem cells technologies, the ISSCA is bringing its globally renowned courses to Miami, offering physicians two opportunities to participate. The course offered on November 1-2 is sold out, but seats still remain for the November 29-30 session for physicians looking to incorporate stem cells treatment protocols into their practices.

Doctors attending the Miami courses will learn about the latest trends and breakthroughs in in-office stem cells protocols. The ISSCA has also added a new topic into the Miami sessions: previously, the course covered autologous cell therapy, but in this newest course iteration, speakers will discuss how to add heterologous cell therapy into medical practices. In this training, physicians will learn about treatment protocols utilizing stem cells derived from neonatal tissue, such as cord blood, exosomes, and amniotic liquid. Attendees will learn both how these products are obtained as well as their most common clinical applications.

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“The ISSCA is pleased to bring our highly lauded courses on stem cells protocols to physicians in the Miami area and beyond,” said Benito Novas, ISSCA VP of Public Relations. “Our goal is to help physicians better treat their patients suffering from degenerative diseases by giving them the tools and education they need to implement these highly effective protocols in their own practices. Like all of our educational sessions, our Miami courses have been met with a great response, proving the growing interest in and efficacy of stem cells treatments.”

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