ISSCA Faculty Honored with Health Sciences Awards at Conference Held at the University of Miami

The awards recognize the physicians’ leadership in education and instruction in regenerative medicine

MIAMI LAKES, Florida—Three faculty members with the International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) were honored with awards at the organization’s recent regenerative medicine conference held at the University of Miami on October 24-27. The awards were sponsored by the Sociedad Internacional en Investigación, Salud, Desarrollo Empresarial y Tecnologías (SISSDET) and lauded the honorees for their commitment to leadership and education in the field of regenerative medicine. 


The three recipients of the awards are Dr. Damian Ariel Siano, Dra. Maritza Novas, and Dra. Silvina Pastrana. All three have continued to partner with the ISSCA and have notable contributions to the field by offering courses in regenerative medicine, helping thousands of doctors around the world add stem cells therapies to their medical practices. 


Dr. Damian Ariel Siano is an orthopedic physician from Argentina who has dedicated his professional life to treat sports injuries. He is one of the most renowned sports medicine specialists in South America. Dr. Siano currently works with one of the most famous soccer teams in Argentina, using cell therapies to help professional athletes avoid unnecessary surgery and recuperate quicker from injuries.


Dra. Maritza Novas currently serves as the Director of Research and Development for the Global Stem Cells Group. For the past 10 years, she has dedicated herself to educating doctors in the latest stem cells advancements and conducting stem cell research. Dra. Novas has visited all continents, sharing her knowledge as a stem cells practitioner and researcher.   


Dra. Silvina Pastrana is one of the first doctors that helped form the ISSCA. She has become a visionary in the field and is noted for creating her own stem cells protocols and using complementary therapies to get better results in patient who utilize cell therapies. Dra. Pastrana combines both ozone and vitamin C therapies before employing stem cell protocols, obtaining excellent results in treating patients with arthritis.  


“The ISSCA is committed to helping physicians who want to add regenerative medicine to their practices gain the education and tools to do that,” said Benito Novas, Vice President of Public Relations for ISSCA. “The three doctors recognized at our recent event at the University of Miami are prime examples of the high-quality instructors that physicians can anticipate working with when then attend one of our conferences. Congratulations to our faculty on receiving this prestigious award, and thank you to SISSDET for recognizing their accomplishments.”  

ISSCA is a global leader in stem cells research, applications, and education, partnering with major global institutions and locations worldwide to host its independent medical congresses. To learn more about the ISSCA and its all of its past and upcoming events, visit

Benito Novas

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