Buenos Aires Stem Cells Symposium Draws Hundreds of Physicians from across the Globe

The ISSCA sponsored symposium is in its sixth year, sharing recent advancements in stem cells therapies with physicians looking to implement them into their own practices

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a multi-disciplinary community of scientists and physicians collaborating to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through science, technology, and regenerative medicine, recently hosted a symposium in Buenos Aires, aimed at physicians looking to incorporate regenerative medicine into their practices.

The 6th Simposio Mundial sobre Medicina Regenerativa y Terapias Celulares was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 12-13, with 300 physicians in attendance. The event has become a premier global event in the world of regenerative medicine, attracting a growing number of returning physicians each year.

The 6th annual event featured 13 expert speakers from five countries, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Cuba, and the US. The panel of speakers included practitioners within the regenerative medicine field as well as scientists currently working on developing new stem cells protocols and allogeneic compounds. Throughout the weekend, physicians attended lectures providing information on how stem cell therapies can help patients suffering from degenerative diseases.

The event was sponsored by the City of Buenos Aires, which was pleased to host the event in the city and has invited the group back next year to host its 7th annual event.

All of the symposium’s lectures will be posted to ISSCA’s YouTube channel, with free viewing access to the public. Those interested in viewing the symposium’s lectures can visit

“For six years now, ISSCA has proudly sponsored the Simposio Mundial sobre Medicina Regenerativa y Terapias Celulares, bringing physicians from across the globe together to learn about the newest advancements in stem cells therapies,” said Benito Novas, ISSCA VP of Public Relations. “This year’s event was a great success, and we would like to thank all of the attending physicians, our panel of expert speakers, and the City of Buenos Aires for graciously hosting us.”

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Benito Novas

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