ISSCA Set to Sponsor Stem Cells Certification Course in Belgium

The certification will target physicians in the Middle East and Europe, providing them with critical education to implement stem cells treatments in their own practices

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a multi-disciplinary community of scientists and physicians collaborating to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through science, technology, and regenerative medicine, is continuing its mission to become a world leader in regenerative medicine education by adding a new Stem Cells Certification course to its portfolio.

Over the past few months, ISSCA has expanded its reach both through offering new certification courses and by opening new stem cells treatment centers across the globe. The group’s latest Stem Cells Certification course will be offered in Brussels, Belgium, giving physicians in both Europe and the Middle East who have an interest in incorporating regenerative medicine into their practices easier access to critical educational opportunities led by some of the world’s leading experts in the field.

The Brussels course is a collaboration between Belgium-based physician Dr. Samy Joheir, ISSCA Europe, and ISSCA. Participants in the upcoming course are expected to come from the Middle East, specifically from Pakistan and India. The participating physicians are eager to add cell therapies to their practices to better serve patients who are suffering from degenerative conditions.

Physicians attending the certification will learn easy-to-implement protocols that will allow them to harvest and reintegrate stem cells in their own medical offices. The practices shared in the certification will focus on utilization of two different resources: fat tissue and bone marrow tissue.

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“The ISSCA is continuing to make good on its mission to alleviate human suffering due to degenerative diseases by providing more physicians across the globe access to critical stem cells training courses,” said Benito Novas, ISSCA VP of Public Relations. “The upcoming course in Belgium will give physicians across Europe and the Middle East critical opportunities to obtain the education needed to utilize today’s cutting-edge stem cells therapies and give them the tools they need to incorporate these life-changing protocols into their own practices.”

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