ISSCA Set to Host Upcoming Stem Cells Conferences, Reaching Physicians Across the Globe

The organization seeks to improve education and access to stem cells therapies for physicians and patients worldwideThe organization seeks to improve education and access to stem cells therapies for physicians and patients worldwide

MIAMI LAKES, Florida—Following two recent highly successful conferences, the International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) is set to offer six additional events on its training calendar to round out 2019. Recent events attracting physicians across the globe include a conference held at the University of Miami and the ISSCA’s 6th Annual Regenerative Medicine Symposium in Buenos Aires. With its upcoming slate of events, the group is hoping to receive the same positive response.

One of the ISSCA’s missions is to share the latest in stem cells protocols and clinical applications with physicians across the globe, so they can implement stem cells therapies into their practices. By adding these protocols to their practices, physicians can help alleviate suffering and improve recuperation times for patients diagnosed with a host of degenerative diseases and injuries.

To accomplish its mission, the ISSCA will host the following events in 2019:

“We invite all physicians interested in adding stem cells therapies to their practices to join us at one of our upcoming conferences,” said Benito Novas, Vice President of Public Relations for ISSCA. “Attendees will learn from highly trained physicians and researchers in the field of regenerative medicine and take away the necessary education and tools to implement the latest stem cells therapies into their own practices.”

The ISSCA is a global leader in stem cells research, applications, and education, partnering with major global institutions and locations worldwide to host its independent medical congresses. To learn more about the ISSCA and its all of its past and upcoming events, visit

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