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  • Dr AbdulMajeed Alwan Hammadi is a well-experienced and seasoned haematologist with a lot of successful works to his credit. In the year 1981 at Baghdad/Iraq, he worked as a junior medical resident in the medical city hospital and then served in a prolonged military service as a soldier because of the Iraq- Iran war. After that, he was admitted into the Iraqi board of internal medicine for a post graduate study in the year 1987.

    He obtained a degree at the board of internal medicine in 1992 then moved to Basra in south Iraq as the head of medicine department in ibn majid hospital. This increased is knowledge in the medical field and at this point in his life, he ventured into the main task of his life, to fulfil the dream of getting bone marrow transplantation center in Iraq. In this bid, he encountered a lot of problems and troubles and faced strong contentions and objections from many health officials as Iraq was under an embargo from 1991 since the Kuwait invasion.

    He succeeded in the year 1999 to have the first bone marrow transplant centre at the children’s welfare hospital in Baghdad. After series of courses and training with Prof. Husam Kamel in Egypt, Dr. Charles Cradock in Birmingham Queens Elizabeth hospital, and Prof. Alberto Bossi in Italy, He was able to do first case of BMT in January 2003 after which things became very complicated after changing the regimen in Iraq and were not able to do any further case.

    Because of the change in 2003 they did not allow his team to do any further bone marrow transplant (on the basis that the infrastructure is bad and the security is not stable). On the 14th of August, 2004, without permission from the ministry of health, He invited prof Marino Andolina (pediatric immunologist from Trieste Italy) to Baghdad to do the first autolougus BMT in Iraq for a relapsed lymphoma case in Iraq.

    In 2009, he and his team started the bone marrow derived stem cell therapy in Iraq for spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophies, and others.

    He was the director of the bone marrow transplantation unit at the medical city hospital in Baghdad from 2017 till 2011. Furthermore, he is a chief pioneer of the stem cell transplantation in Iraq and a pioneer of the stem cell therapy in Iraq as well. He is currently the Head of the stem cell centre in Baghdad.

    He speaks Arabic and English fluently and he is a member of scientific bodies likes ISCT, MESOT, ASBMT, and ISOH. He has written and partook in some notable Medical Journals and Publications. No doubt, Dr AbdulMajeed Alwan Hammadi is an expert in his field and a medical practitioner to the core.

    Dr Zaid Ali Jasim Shaban is a qualified traumotology and orthopaedic surgeon from Iraq. He obtained M.B. Ch.B. from the College of medicine, AL-Mustansiriya University, in the year 1992. Zaid also went further to complete his Master degree in Traumatology & Orthopaedic Surgery at the I.M. Sechenov – Moscow medical Academy, in the year 2004.

    Acting as a G.P. doctor in one of the Libyan Medical Unit, he managed different patients, arranging for investigations and following them up as well. Dr Zaid also partook in different minor operations in that place.

    He also worked as a G. P. doctor in Zalloum Clinic Centre in Jordan and also did his Post Graduate Study – Orthopaedics Surgery in Russia. He went through different pieces of training in different Traumatologic & Orthopaedics operations, especially in the arthroscopy of a knee joint and Arthroplastic operation of the hip. He successfully carried out an orthopaedic surgery in his private clinic in Baghdad, which ended successfully on April 20th, 2004.

    At Al-kindy teaching hospital, he served as a senior orthopaedic surgeon, managing different traumatological operations, especially blast injuries of soldiers and civilian in Iraq. He was performing special works in arthroscopic operations of the knee joint, treatment of meniscal injuries, removal of foreign bodies, reconstruction in arthroscopic surgery.

    He is currently working here as a senior orthopaedic surgeon and as a manager of the arthroscopic department, teaching and training post-graduate doctors on arthroscopic operations, meniscal injuries (removal of partial menisctomy or suture). Dr Zaid is also into the removal of foreign bodies and managing of cartilage defects by microfructuring and injection of stem cells or PRP.

    He has mastered the ACL reconstruction with DEPUY technique (curved rigid fixed pins for femur and bio-absorbable sheath and screw for the tibia) and other arthroscopic operation.

    Dr Zaid Ali Jasim Shaban is a man of quality experience and honours. He’s one of the best medical practitioners when it comes to traumotology and orthopaedic surgery and everything it entails.

    Mazin Shakir Mahmood obtained his bachelor degree from Baghdad College of medicine, M.B Ch.B. (Baghdad/Iraq 1988). He started his career as a house officer at Al-rasheed teaching hospital and continued until he became a senior house officer in the same hospital. He completed his post graduate degree (internal medicine) in 1995 then moved to IBN ALBETAR hospital for cardiac disease studies.

    Dr Mazin later joined the Iraqi commission for medical specialization, from 1998 till 2003. He departed Iraq in 2003 (because of the war and instability in security) to the United Arab Emirate where he worked in governmental and private hospitals. In 2010, he came back to Iraq and established his own private centre (Heart Specialty Clinic) which is still running till date. One of the theses he has worked on is the “CNS manifestations” – acute leukaemia follows up study in Iraq.

    He can speak fluently and communicate in both the English and Arabic Languages. Over the years, Dr Mazin Shakir Mahmood has been a consistent medical practitioner with a lot of successful works to his credit. You are assured of getting quality services from him, in line with his medical specialization and all it entails.

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