About the Stem Cell Center

The Stem Cell Center Network, a division of Global Stem Cells Group is a unique international network of medical practices, dedicated to bringing Stem Cell therapies to the patients who need them.

Our physicians are experts in their fields who wanted to broaden their horizons and embrace Stem Cell treatments as the future of modern and regenerative medicine. Each medical practitioner in our network is dedicated to providing the best treatments and contributing to the global store of knowledge and research. By joining our network, they are able to fulfil this mission. Once a physician joins our network, we provide all the training, equipment and support they need to set up, run and market their Stem Cell practice. They enjoy geographic and specialization exclusivity, as well as a strong network of patient referrals. Each physician in our network is also invited to become a member of our faculty and the Global Stem Cell Foundation, where they can contribute to the world’s growing Stem Cell store of knowledge.

The Global Stem Cells Group

The Global Stem Cells Group, founded in 2012 by Benito Novas, is a group of companies dedicated to Stem Cell research and medicine. Mr. Novas, and entrepreneur, envisioned a world in which Stem Cell research and advancements are made available to as many patients as possible, across the world. He founded the GSCG to achieve that goal and now the company is one of the world’s key players in regenerative medicine.

What we do

At Global Stem Cells Group, we believe Stem Cell research and regenerative treatments are the future of medicine. That’s why our focus is on bringing cutting edge Stem Cell information and research to our network of doctors, to ensure their patients get the best possible care. We work constantly to find and develop new treatments and make them available to physicians and patients. We also work closely with patients, educators, physicians, regulators and policymakers to foster engagement and develop materials that promote stem cell technology.

The Global Stem Cells Group comprises seven major medical corporations, dedicated to furthering the industry’s scientific and technological advancements. Together, the group aims to lead cutting edge stem cell development, treatments and training, while adhering to the highest medical standards.

Your one-stop Stem Cell hub

Stem Cell Training, Inc. trains medical practitioners around the world in the latest Stem Cell treatments and regenerative medicine. Our training includes courses, seminars and workshops year-round. This training allows physicians to provide their patients with life-changing treatments and therapies right in their own offices or clinics.

AdiMarket is our online resource center for biomedical products and equipment needed to provide Stem Cell therapies. Our knowledgeable attendants help each physician fulfill specific product and equipment needs.

The Global Stem Cell Foundation curates a powerful global interactive database for physicians to collaborate internationally. They can thus identify best practices and areas of needed development for clinical trials. The Foundation also funds worldwide research on stem cells.

The Stem Cell Center is an international collective medical network for physicians seeking to provide Stem Cell therapies in their practice. We train physicians to provide cutting-edge medical care and support them through their transition into providing Stem Cell treatments.

We invite various international Stem Cell experts to speak at our regular Stem Cell Symposium Conferences. They present the latest breakthroughs, contribute practical knowledge, and share skills and outcomes on stem cell treatments with conference attendees.

Global Stem Cells Group is the first choice for readily accessible stem cell medicine around the world. The world’s leading Stem Cell physicians and medical practitioners trust the high quality of our therapies, research and development. If you have any questions or comments, please email or call us and we will be happy to discuss these with you.